Web Design


We offer a simple cost effective Web Design Service

  • Great looking Template Designs save you money and ensure easy navigation on computers, tablets and phones.
  •  An effective marketing approach .
  • 15 years of experience helping small business harness the power of the internet.


1- What will a website cost me?

A simple site could cost as little as $300. Most sites we create are well under $1200. We charge by the hour, the first hour of consultation is free. Save money by ensuring you don’t end up paying me for your thinking time. Be prepared, and provide us with as much information asap.

2- What do I need to do to get a website?

  1. Who are my customers? What do they need/want to know?
  2. Collect all the photos, images, logos, files and information you need and provide it to us in clearly labeled digital format.
  3. Look around the net and see what others in your industry have done. Note down sites and things you like.
  4. Contact us.

3- Why get a designer to make a site, my son can whip something up for me and it won’t cost as much?

You get what you pay for. If you have a friend or relative who can do a good job, that’s great. But most backyard websites can be seen a mile away, is that the image you want to portray?

4- I don’t really know much about computers, and wouldn’t know where to get started when it comes to the whole internet thing?
You don’t need to know too much at all. Once your website is up and running it is important that you can check emails and reply to them quickly. Leave all the HTML code, domain registration and web hosting to me.

5- I don’t really read websites, is there any advice for writing my website content so people will read it?
Research proves that people skim read websites. Keep it short use bullet points if possible.  Link PDF’s if you have large amounts of information that need to be shared.

6- How do I get my site listed on the search engines?
We’ll do that for you.

If you are interested in developing a web site please contact us.   We look forward to helping you and your business or organisation get on the net.