About Us

Webbuilders was set up in 1999 to support the owner Darren Frazer with some extra income so he can continue to work with youth people, something that he is passionate about doing.   Webbuilders is a part time business Darren also works for The Salvation Army in Winton, New Zealand as a Youth Worker.  Darren also owns Micah Clothing a Fairtrade Clothing business, and makes a pretty good coffee when out with the Micah Coffee Cart.

Webbuilders begun life as a Web Design business, drawing on Darren’s education at Otago University were he gained a degree in Marketing.  Since then it has evolved and changed to meet the needs of customers and Darren’s workload.   The core of the business is now sales, with a fairly diverse range of products for specific target markets.

Over the years we have sold hundreds of Data Projectors to schools, churches and business’s.  Most of these have been Mitsubishi which have proven to be a great product, sadly they no longer make projectors, but we are still able to source and supply replacement bulbs and spares for products we have sold.  We now mainly sell projectors from the Sony range, and finding they offer a great product for a great price.

Webbuilders now goes looking for specific products many of which are things Darren has needed in his work as a Youth Worker.  When we find a product that we think is overpriced, and has a specific target market we look at ways to link customers with the products, with very low overheads, and a limited stock on hand policy we are able to significantly reduce our margins and offer our customers great prices on products that they need.

About Darren Frazer

Darren Frazer completed a B.Com majoring in Marketing Management in 1994 at Otago University. Since then he has started 2 small business’s, Webbuilders and  Micah Clothing.  Both operate today. With marketing qualifications and the experience of operating his own small business’s, Darren is ideally positioned to help small business gain a presence on the ever expanding internet.

Darren also works for the Salvation Army as a Youth Worker. When not working he enjoys the outdoors and can often been seen kayaking in the summer, he would like to be seen skiing on the mountain more in winter.